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In order to help the technical intern trainees to understand about Japanese Technical Intern Training Program and to take advantages from this program, we would like to introduce some general information about us.

General information about Technical Intern Training Program

There is a need to provide training in technical skills, technology, knowledge from developed countries (hereinafter, referred to as “Skills”) in order to train personnel who will become the foundation of economic and industrial development in developing countries. In an effort to address this situation, the Japanese government has created the “Technical Intern Training Program”, an initiative that provides training for a specific period in industrial society to both youth and adult workers from all countries.
 The purpose of this program is to transfer Skills to Technical Intern Trainees who will form a basis of economic development in their respective countries and play an important role in Japan’s international cooperation and contribution.
The “Technical Intern Training Program” has the following benefits.

  1. Technical Intern Trainees will advance their careers and contribute to the development of industries and companies through the utilization of their acquired skills after returning to their home countries.
  2. Technical Intern Trainees will contribute to the reform of quality management, work practices, cost awareness, etc., and to the improvement of production in their home countries through the utilization of their acquired skills and know-how.
  3. The program will benefit Japanese Implementing Organizations, etc., through the strengthening of relationships with overseas companies, the internationalization of management, vitalization of the company and contribution to production.

JITCO(Japan International Training Cooperation Organization )

Briefly, Japanese Technical Intern Training Program’s goal is to creating high skilled workforce and supporting to the development of less developed countries. Therefore, the technical intern trainees are not employees who be hired to resolve labor shortage of Japanese companies.

Training procedure

At your country
  • Participate in introduction workshop and sign up for joining Technical intern training program
  • Participate in the interview section with Supervising Organizations or Japanese companies
  • Training time in the Sending Company for 3 months
  • Complete immigration document
  • Obtain the visa and get abroad to Japan
Japan Immigration
  • Training time in Supervising Organization for 1 month
At the accepting company
  • Live in a dorm
  • Start training (as trainee number 1)
  • Prepare for the test to upgrade to the trainee number 2 (For trainees who take 3-year training program)
Entrance test to Trainees number (ii)
  • If you pass the test, you would start the next training year
Return your home country

Accepting Company and Supervising Orgazination responsibilities

1.Accepting company

Japanese company will assign supervising positions as below:

  1. Daily life adviser:
     Daily life advisers who provide guidance to trainees must try to prevent problems occuring, by instructing them about points to take note in living in Japan, by understanding their living conditions and also by proving consultation for them. They must take charge of instruct trainees in their daily life, wage, working time… Exclude the technical training.
  2. Technical intern training coordinator
     Technical intern training coordinators are required to have more than 5 years experience in technical skills that trainees intend to acquire. It is necessary to deploy by more than 2 coordinators, to enhance effectiveness and to ensure the present of a coordinator during all the time of training.
  3. General supervisor
     Take charge of all aspects and make sure the technical intern training program is conducted smoothly and under the rules

2.Supervising Organization

Supervising Organization is responsible to check the implementation status of technical intern trainees once every month at the accepting company and to inspect the company once every 3 months.
 For checking the implementation status section, a member of Supervising Organization could take charge of. For inspection section, a top manager of Supervising Organization would take charge of.

3.Prepare for accepting the trainee

Before accepting the intern trainees, there are some required preparations:

  1. Living place

    Maximum 2 people in a room. The area per person is at least 4.5 m2
    ・Leasing fee, gas, water, and electricity fee:
    When deducting food expenses, housing fees ect. from wages, amount of deduction must not be higher than actual expense.
    Supervising Orgazination is responsible to give specific instructions to the trainees about trash sorting, dumping, and so on.

  2. Living and training instrument
    Company will equip: Television, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, mattress, furniture, lights, kitchen tools and utensils, cleaning tools…
    Company will equip: Shoes, labor safety uniform, closet, trainee identical card, contract, and other document (Such as health inspection report)
  3. Others
    Transportation, open bank account, company policies and rules…

At the accepting Japanese company

(Reference data from JITCO)

1.Training, learning, wage

  • Do you have training notebook?
  • Do you follow labor policy?
  • Does the company give wage properly?
  • Does the company follow rule 36? (about the extra shift time)
  • Do you report to immigration office in case of rule violation?
  • Does the company treat all trainees fairly?
  • Does the company give lower amount of wage compared to the minimum wage of the city you are living?
  • Is the training time of essential skills at least 50%
  • Does the company ask trainees to work outside of the signed up working place?
  • Do you follow the company rules?

2.Living place

  • Is the living place clean?
  • Do you have any issue with your roommate?
  • Is there any stranger living in your living place?
  • Do you follow the instructions of dumping trash?

3.Outside of living place

  • Do you bring your passport when staying out?
  • Do you steal bicycles?
  • Do you use others’ stuff without permission?
  • Do you play gambling?
  • Do you work outside illegally?

4.Living style

  • Do you waste your money?
  • Do you borrow money from your friends?
  • Do you learn Japanese frequently?
  • Do you have any kind of sickness?

5.Fair problem

  • Is it fair among trainees in training time, wage, other treating?
  • Is it fair between Japanese workers and foreign workers in training time, wage, other treating?

NakaShoku Role

As we mentioned above, Japanese company cooperates with Supervising Organization to supervise and instruct intern trainees in all aspects in life and training. And, trainees must follow all of the instructions.
 If there are any conflicts among trainee, Supervising Organization, and Japanese company and there are any rule violation cases, the training program will be immediately suspended.
 In those cases, NakaShoku would play an intermediary role and properly maintain the training program in a good status.


Please contact us whenever you have questions or need more information about living or training issues, especially technical intern trainees at their early stages in Japan. We would respond in Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, or English.

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