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The Technical Intern Training Program is closely related to the development of Supervising Organizations and Accepting Companies. Therefore, our Association is providing these below activities for helping the Training Program in those organizations and companies to be smoothly processing.

Accepting Company

1.Providing documents, organizing introduction classes about Technical Intern Training Program

These documents and classes will help people who are responsible for managing Technical Intern Trainnees in the company to have right awareness about the Training Program.

2.Trial inspection


Trial inspection

We are performing trial inspection at Accepting Companies.
 Our inspection committee includes high level consultants (who worked at Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare; Immigration Bureau of Japan), will oversee the training place of trainees, give guidance to technical intern training coordinators at companies.
 Through the trial inspection, we will help the companies to define all relevant matters that need to be improved.

3.Translating, creating posters, guidance boards for Technical Intern Trainee

Poster for foreign employees

Poster for foreign employees

We meet the professional qualification in solving all matters related to languages for Accepting Companies (for example: Chinese, Vietnamese…)
 The Japanese level of almost Trainee is N5. As the results, they usually face to difficulty in communicate with Japanese employees, especially in labour safety, life-threatening matters. Therefore, we always pay attention to the communication and understanding between trainees and Japanese employees.

4.Inspecting, introducing Supervising Organization to Accepting Company which have demand

  • Inspecting, guiding Supervising Organization in all activities on behalf of Accepting Company
  • Introducing, recommending high quality Supervising Organization to Accepting Company which have demand.

5.Supporting Technical Intern Trainees in finding jobs after they return to their homeland and simultaneously contributing to the development of Japanese Companies in foreign countries

If Technical Intern Trainees receive support in finding jobs after returning home, they will have good spirit during the intern training period in Japan. It also leads to the decrease in number of runaway trainees.
 On the other hand, companies which have plan to develop outside Japan can approach the skill labour resources in foreign countries, mainly from the returning home Technical Intern Trainee.
 Firstly, we will start in Vietnam.

Supervising organization

1.Supporting, guiding on trainee management activities

Inspection at supervising organization

Inspection at supervising organization

Our association includes high level consultants can inspect and consult Supervising Organization on whether their activities are legal or not. Based on that, we will help the Supervising Organization to improve all remaining problems and avoid becoming illegal Organization.

2.Our mission is providing a link between Supervising Organization and Accepting Company to supporting and guiding on trainee management.

Talking with trainees

Talking with trainees

To play an intermediary role, we will check whether Supervising Organizations and Accepting Companies correctly perform their duties or not during the intern training period, and request to change if there is any problems.
 For example:

  • Is the equipment for daily activities (in restroom, bath room) at status for ready using?
  • Is it forbidden to go out? Are passports and residence card hold unexpectedly?
  • Is money eliminated from wage for right purpose (for example: food expenses, housing fee, electric/ water fee…)
  • Do the trainees study and work following the training plan?
  • Are there any mental problems at working place (for example: communication problem…)?

3.Introducing Supervising Organization to Accepting Company

We will introduce high quality Supervising Organizations to Accepting Companies which have demand. Together with the development of Supervising Organizations, our objective is building up a higher and higher quality technical intern training program.

4.Providing information, introducing Sending Company

We provide necessary information about Sending Companies in foreign countries which have Trainees to Supervising Organizations. We mainly work with Sending Company in Vietnam.

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