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The Japan Bento Association (Nihon Bento Sinkou Kyoukai, NBK), representing for Nakashoku Industry, has brought in the technical intern training program for many years. And in April 2015, Nakashoku industry was recognized as 「Souzai Industry」 finally.

With this as a cause, we established Japan Nakashoku Association in Feb 2016, to help the technical intern training program in Nakashoku industry running smoothly, by supporting and guiding supervising organizations, accepting companies and trainees.
We appreciate the cooperation and assistance from supervising organizations, companies and trainees.
Please view our HP for more information.


Name Japan  NakaShoku  Association
Establishment date Feb-2016
Address P.O 351-0034 5F Gauss Building, 1-1-28 NishiHara, Asaka, Saitama Province, Japan

Board of President

President 高橋 正夫 (Takahashi Masao, General Affairs Dept. of Musasino Company)
Senior vice- President 松尾 英次郎 ( Matsuo Eijiro , Director of FujiFoods Company)
Vice-President 萩原 正規(Hagiwara Masaki, Head of General Affairs Dept. of FastFoods Company)
Inspector 矢島 義幸 (Yajima Yoshiyuki, Tax Consultant)

Board of Management

Chairman 安田 定明(Yasuda Sadaaki, Chairman of Musasino Company)
Deputy chairman 大村 剛史郎(Oomura Goushiro, President of Fuji Foods Company )
安田 信行(Yasuda Nobuyuki, Director of Musasino Company)
Councillor 石上 尚弘(Ishigami Naohiro , Lawyer, from ministry of health, labour and welfare)


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