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We would like to let you understand about our role by introducing some information of current Technical intern program in Japan.

Current picture of Technical intern training program in Japan

The Technical Intern Training Program was established to tranfer skills, technologies, and knowledge of Japan to developing countries. The purpose of this program is to train personnel who will contribute to economic and industrial development in developing countries.

In technical intern training program, supervising organization and accepting company need to fully understand the original purposes of the program, and formulate technical intern training plans.Technical intern training programs are implemented under the responsibility and supervision of supervising organization. According to the Ministry of justice, immigration bureau, Supervising organization means non-profit organization that supervise the activities of technical intern trainees to acquire technical skills.In order to make sure that trainees go about their daily life smoothly, their trainings effectively and safely, supervising organizations must implement lectures before trainess start the technical intern training program at accepting companies.Even more, supervising organization need to inspect whether accepting organizations provide technical intern trainings by following the training plans or not. On the other hand, accepting companies are required to pay attention to control of the lives of trainees and to conduct technical intern training programs smoothly.And they must follow the training plans. Before trainees start the program they need to explain fully and clearly contents of training plans to trainees, so that they could understand them. Obeying laws and regulations is especially important when accepting companies responsibly conduct proper technical training programs under employment cantracts. Violation of this may become subject to penalties and also fall under misconduct concerning violation of labor-related laws and regulations. So that, in order to conduct technical intern trainings smoothly, accepting companies need to assign supervising positions as Daily life adviser, Technical intern training coordinator and General Supervisor.

 According to JITCO (Japan International Training Cooperation Orgazination), the number of trainees number 1 from January to October 2015 is 42,019, increasing 6.8 %. The number of trainees number 2 registration from April to October 2015 is 39,923, increasing 23.5%.The ratio of foreign trainees In term of the whole industry, the number of trainees of food processing industry ranks the third with the ratio of 12.7% (2014).  (green line below)職種別「技能実習2号」への移行者数(総務省データ)

Existing issues

According to the Japanese Immigration, the number of violations related to the trainees’ supervising organizations and companies in 2014 can be categorized into 3 major following issues:

  1. Labour Law violations: 124 cases(33.9%)
  2. Trainees are not allowed to work in the right fields or occupation as trained in the program: 87 cases (23.8%)
  3. Do not provide professional lectures to trainees prior to training at companies (lecture at supervising organization normally takes a month): 79 cases (21.6%)

On the other hand, in 2016, law of Technical Intern Training Program will have following changes:

  • Eliminate supervising organizations that violate the law
  • Stop receiving trainees of violating accepting companies
  • For good supervising organizations and accepting companies, be allowed to receive trainees no. 3 (training time can be extended to 4 or 5 years)

Supervising organizations are licensed to operate. If there are any violations, the licenses will be canceled. On the company side, if there are any violations, even in a department or a factory, all trainees working for the company might be returned to their countries and companies are no longer allowed to receive trainees.
 Besides, the number of runaway trainees tends to increase in recent years. According to JITCO,

  • 2012: 1,532 trainees
  • 2013: 2,822 trainees
  • 2014: 3,139 trainees

And the reasons are as follow.

  1. There are vague, misunderstood or unclear terms in the contract with sending company. Trainees find out these when coming to Japan and feel cheated. Therefore they runaway to companies with better conditions.
  2. Supervising organizations cannot guide or support to trainees after arriving to Japan
  3. Do not pay wage to trainees.
  4. Living and working environment in the company is not satisfying, i.e, working environment does not allow trainees to communicate, old and under-standard living places.

The role of us

  1. Collecting informations and rating sending companies, supervising organizations. With supporting and guiding them, we contribute to eliminate bad companies, organizations.
  2. Maintaining good supervising organizations
  3. By recommending high quality organizations, we could maintain excellent trainees for Technical intern training program.
  4. Providing educations for trainees in technical intern training programs of NBK.
  5. Suporting, guiding all problems arising from Technical intern trainees by assigning professional staffs and accumulating information.


  1. Supporting, guiding Supervising Organizations, Accepting Companies in performing the reaction to misconduct when receiving Technical Intern Trainees
  2. Supporting, guiding and handling all problems arising from Technical Intern Trainees such as work problems, accident and incident…
  3. Helping Trainees in training program, studying and preparing for examination
      ◆Creating and awarding Technical Certificate to Trainees
      ◆Coaching Trainees for Technical Intern Training (ii) examination
  4. Translating, creating posters, guidance boards for Companies (by Vietnamese, Chinese…)
  5. Supporting when trainees return to their countries(※).
    For example: advising them how to continue studying Japanese, introducing information about job hunting at their countries to trainees who have a request…etc
    ※Viet Nam

Member registration guidance

To all Supervising Organizations, Accepting Companies that have intention to become our member: Please download all below supporting documents, fill in information and send registration form to our office.

Registration form (for accepting company)

Registration form (for supervising organization)


About membership fee

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